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Yasmina Rauber

Yasmina Rauber

London Business Magazine

Based in Switzerland, Yasmina has drawn upon her 25+ years of experience to head a Women in Leadership programme that trains Fortune 500 women leaders.

Her training extends to wellbeing and countering unconscious bias.

I’m a coach, and among other subjects I run leadership and unconscious bias training.

Carrie*, a VP in a medium-sized company, first approached me out of frustration from being ignored during meetings. Her proposals were side-lined by other members, unless a male executive repeated her ideas.

It’s precisely this old stereotype that “women are too emotional, men are rational, they can lead better” which needs to be debunked. I gave Carrie some easy “fixes” to the situation and my training does just that.

It gives women tools to make sure they are heard in a positive manner.  Their voices can lead companies to develop new and innovative ideas.

People who have undergone my training, have said that the exercises push them to think further, and realise that they’re not alone in facing many of these issues. They understand how past situations affected them, and what needs to change to get what they want.

Carrie herself came back to me to say that she really saw a difference – not only in meetings – but in her productivity, satisfaction and peer recognition. She is seen, she is heard and she is making a difference.