Business & Life Coaching

Business & Life Coaching

In todays’ life we’re expected to be successful in our careers while still being a good husband, wife, mother or father, daughter or son and friend. In normal times, we’re expected to take care of our household in practical and financial ways, help our children with their homework and act as taxi service.

And now, in this emergency period, we’re expected to still do much of that as well as work from home while homeschooling and entertaining our kids too. What a pressure! You might think that happiness is a state of mind that is independent from our will. You’re happy when something good happens to you or when you wake up and are “in a good mood”.

In fact, happiness, wellbeing and serenity are states that you can reach if you DECIDE TO WORK on reaching them and it has been scientifically proven that if you want to lead a happy and balanced life, there are 12 areas which need to be addressed.

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